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Maureen Sullivan


Maureen is a Boston native who values the experience of travel and exploring other cultures. She received her undergraduate degree from Boston College in 1985. After joining the Peace Corps where she served in West Africa, she decided to pursue a graduate degree from the London School of Economics followed by life and work in Hawaii, The Federated States of Micronesia, and American Samoa. Maureen received a Master’s Degree in Public Health as a Peace Corps Fellow in 1996 and began working with pregnant and parenting teenagers on the Island of Oahu. After living and working in Micronesia and American Samoa, she settled on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1999 and continued her work with high school students followed by several years of working with at-risk adolescents and young adults to identify therapeutic needs and access necessary care.


Maureen has been working in the mental health field with adolescents, young adults and their families in a variety of settings for over 20 years and ultimately obtained her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from the University of Hawaii Hilo in 2009.

Maureen served as a primary therapist supporting adolescents, young adults and their families at a therapeutic wilderness program on the Big Island of Hawaii. In this role, she witnessed firsthand the power of nature, combined with sophisticated therapeutic intervention and family support, in the lives of struggling adolescents and young adults.  During this time, she developed a passion for working with the parents and family members of her clients.

Maureen worked as a therapeutic/educational consultant for over 5 years.  This provided the opportunity to become familiar with the plethora of therapeutic schools, residential treatment centers and other therapeutic programs for adolescents and young adults across the country. During this time, she formed professional connections with programs that continue to strengthen.   When COVID hit, she broadened her work with families by facilitating a support group for parents of children in various stages of treatment.

By joining the team at Quiet Mind Counseling and Coaching, Maureen is excited to be more fully emersed in the work that she is most passionate about.  As a therapist with vast experience working with adolescents, young adults and their parents, she can support and guide parents through the experience of having a family member in treatment.

On a personal level, Maureen’s own two daughters left Hawaii and embarked on their own exciting journeys. One taught in Thailand for a year while the other did a gap program in Madagascar. With both of her children launched and on their paths, she decided to return to her hometown of Boston to reconnect with family. In her free time, Maureen loves to travel, hike, explore “all things New England’, and spend time with family.

Maureen is based in Boston, Massachusetts and will be serving families in New England and throughout the United States.

Image by Olena Sergienko
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